Opening or taking over a hotel

The hotel business is an attractive and profitable field, opening a hotel can be a good investment for a self-employed person. 

Coronavirus: 1,163 patients still in intensive care

In the past 24 hours, 23 new patients have been admitted to these critical case services, but counting discharges, the balance remains negative.

> Relive the events of the day minute by minute:

10 p.m.It's the end of this live.Thank you for spending this day on Le Parisien.See you tomorrow.Good evening everyone!

9:55 p.m.Boost in the number of cases in South Africa.The country registers in the space of 24 hours 3267 new patients infected with Covid-19.This is the largest increase since the beginning of the epidemic in the country.

Emmanuel Macron still dreams of national union.The president is forced to revise his initial ambitions to involve the parties in the plan to end the Covid-19 crisis.To build it, he now intends to rely on all layers of French society, sector by sector.

The Commission wants to open Europe.European Commissioner Ylva Johansson calls for an end to all restrictions and controls at the internal borders of the EU by the end of June in an interview with Euronews."Citizens would really like regain freedom of movement, "she said.

9:42 p.m.No question of staying on the platform.To convince travelers to board the trains this summer, the SNCF is launching a major promotional campaign.Jérôme Laffon, marketing director of SNCF Voyages, reveals the details to us.

9:36 pm "Whatever happens, we will not be able to redo a general confinement in France" Professor Jean-François Delfraissy, president of the Scientific Council, gives us an exclusive description of the opinion published today.It aims to anticipate the evolution of the coronavirus epidemic.

9:30 p.m.Unions and employers received at the Élysée to "save jobs".Emmanuel Macron and Edouard Philippe brought together unions and employers to "save jobs" for three hours.Among the measures announced: companies that will recruit an apprentice from 1 July to 28 February will benefit from an increased aid for hiring of 8,000 euros for adults and 5,000 euros for minors.Discussions will open on the disputed unemployment insurance reform "in the coming weeks."

Posted Date: 2020-06-24

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